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An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Gerhard Preyer, Editor

ProtoSociology is an interdisciplinary journal that has been crossing the boundaries of philosophy and social science for over two decades. It publishes articles and reviews by scholars in many different fields, and each issue is focused on a partcular topic. This international journal is edited and published in Frankfiurt, Germany.

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  • Contributors include Cristina Amoretti, David Copp, Shmuel Eisenstadt, Ernest Lepore, Georg Meggle, Julian Nida-Rümelin, Nicholas Rescher, and Mark Sainsbury.

      "ProtoSociology occupies an important position in the European intellectual scene, bridging philosophy, economics, sociology and related disciplines. Its volumes on rationality bring together concerns in all these topics, and present an important challenge to the cognitive sciences."
      -- Donald Davidson

      "ProtoSociology is a truly premier interdisciplinary journal that publishes articles and reviews on timely topics written by and for a wide range of international scholars."
      -- Roger Gibson

      "ProtoSociology publishes original papers of great interest that deal with fundamental issues in the human and social science. No academic library is complete without it."
      -- Nicholas Rescher

    · ISSN 1434-4319 (print) · Annual · Single volumes also available ·
    · ISSN 1611-1281 (online) · Access includes vol.1 (1991) to present ·

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