The purpose of this database is to increase bibliographic coverage of a definable portion of the known philosophical literature in several western languages. Our goal is to build complete bibliographic coverage of all philosophical literature. No other project has ever set this goal.

Journal Content

In terms of the number of items published, journals contain the largest percentage of published philosophical scholarship. We are therefore particularly interested in journal content, and welcome requests for coverage from publishers, research centers, and journal editors.

For included journals we will include all issues from volume 1 to the most recent issue, and we cover both continuing and discontinued titles. We currently cover over 800 journals and series

  • Journals and Series Title List
  • Scope of Coverage by Title
  • Monographs, Dissertations, and Other Content

    We will include all philosophy publications that and author has ever written and/or all philosophical work that a publisher has ever produced. We can accept data feeds in ONIX, MARC, or proprietary formats. Data currently used for distributors or other databases is generally acceptable. Some publishers also send us print copies of their publications and these are always useful for our work.

    For more information please see the Submission Guidelines or contact the PRI Production Office at pri [@]

    Adding Listing Online

    Individual users with access to PRI can submit content to the database online. Authorized users can browse the content of the database for gaps in our coverage, and add data though the online submission form on the site.