Philosophy Research Archives

Volume 9, Issue Supplement, 1983

Microfiche Supplement to Volume 9

George R. Lucas, Jr.
Pages 91-140

Helsinki's Child
A Select Annotated Bibliography of Human Rights Publications Since 1975

This bibliography attempts to assess the unprecedented outpouring of literature devoted to the question of human rights which has occurred since 1975 largely, though not exclusively, as a result of international deliberations on the implementation of the Helsinki Final Act. The bibliography encompasses published contributions to this topic since 1975 in the humanities and social sciences; specifically the fields of philosophy, political science, history, comparative literature, religious studies and theology, economics, and sociology and law. The bibliography is limited, however, to essays which focus primarily upon a broad analysis of the international human rights question. Essays discussing human rights or civil rights dilemmas in individual nation-states are included only insofar as such discussions are intended as case-studies of the broader international issues of human rights. In addition, essays which comprise primarily editorials or statements of personal opinion have been omitted in an attempt to keep this instrument within manageable bounds.