Philosophy Research Archives

Volume 9, Issue Supplement, 1983

Microfiche Supplement to Volume 9

John T. Bookman
Pages 1-25

Machiavelli Scholarship
An Essay and a List of Works in English

This bibliographic essay identifies and critically analyzes works in English on Machiavelli's political philosophy. Controversy in Machiavelli scholarship, and therefore this essay, is informed by three main questions: 1) how can the authoritarianism of The Prince be squared, if at all, with the republicanism of The Discourses? 2) does Machiavelli approach the study of politics as a scientist or a moralist? and 3) what place is to be accorded Machiavelli in the tradition of political philosophy? To the bibliographic essay is appended a select bibliography which includes 183 entries in the following six categories: "bibliography," "life and times," "works - the primary sources," "collections of secondary works," "books" and "articles".