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Volumes 8-14 were published in print format, with additional content on microfiche supplements.
Volumes 1-7 were only published in microfiche format.
All microfiche and print content from all volumes is available online.

Microfiche Supplement to Volume 14, 1988/1989

  • "Selective Conscientious Objection"
  • "Medieval Arabic Poetics:
    Poetic Syllogism and Community in Avicenna's Commentary on Aristotle's Poetics"

Microfiche Supplement to Volume 13, 1987/1988

  • "Canadian and American Dissertations on Descartes and Cartesianism 1865-1984"
  • "Plato's Parmenides: The Text of Paris B, Vienna W, and Prague"

Microfiche Supplement to Volume 12, 1986/1987

  • "A Neural Theory of Perception and Mental Images"

Microfiche Supplement to Volume 11, 1985

  • "The Emergence of the Early Modern Concept of System"

Microfiche Supplement to Volume 10, 1984

  • "What is Professional Ethics?"
  • "Skepticism and the Basis of Morality"

Microfiche Supplement to Volume 9, 1983

  • "Machiavelli Scholarship: An Essay and a List of Works in English"
  • "A Detailed Critique of Pauline Watts' Nicolaus Cusanus: A Fifteenth Century Vision of Man"
  • "The Noema, Husserlian and Beyond: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language Sources"
  • "Helsinki's Child: A Select Annotated Bibliography of Human Rights Publications Since 1975"
  • "An Index for Wittgenstein's On Certainty"
  • "Notes by C. I. Lewis on Royce's Theory of Categories"
  • "Fragments by C. I. Lewis on Probablity, Practical Certainty, and Congruence"

Microfiche Supplement to Volume 8, 1982

  • "The History and an Interpretation of the Text of Plato's Parmenides"
  • "Bibliography on Propositions and Truth-Bearers: From Frege to 1981"
  • "Bibliography on Plato's Cratylus"

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