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Philosophy Research Archives

An International Scholarly Journal

William P. Alston, Founding Editor

The Philosophy Research Archives (PRA) was established by the Philosophy Documentation Center, the American Philosophical Association, and the Canadian Philosophical Association to help younger scholars obtain fair evaluation of their research, regardless of subject or length. No page limit was placed on submissions. Vol.1-7 were published on microfiche, and vol.8-14 were published in print format with microfiche supplements.  The concept was developed in cooperation with the American Council of Learned Societies and the Humanities Research Council of Canada.

  • Open Access
  • The PRA published articles, commentaries, translations, research bibliographies, and other scholarly work. Contributors included Raja Bahlul, Bat-Ami Bar On, David Basinger, Edwin Curley, Catherine Elgin, Joel Feinberg, Guy Lafrance, Maurice Mandelbaum, Thomas Sheehan, and Paul Weiss. Since 1990 it has continued as the Journal of Philosophical Research.

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    · ISSN 2153-8069 (online) · Access includes vol.1-14 (1975-1989) · Open Access ·
    · ISSN 2153-795X (microfiche) · Annual, vol.1-7 · New microfiche not available ·
    · ISSN 0164-0771 (print) · Annual, vol.8-14 · Print copies not available ·

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