Philosophy of Management

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2013

Philosophy of Management as Moving Beyond Critical Axiologies

Stratos Ramoglou
Pages 7-15

Philosophy as Undogmatic Procedure
Is Perfect Knowledge Good Enough?

In the effort to defend and demonstrate the (prime) role of philosophy as an activity aiming at uncovering and questioning dogmas underlying our cognitive practices, the present article places under critical scrutiny the epistemic axiology informing organisation/management studies. That is, the plausibility of the largely unquestioned presumption that it is only the quest for truth that matters. This critical endeavour is effected by juxtaposing the conditions under which this would be the case, and in the prism of present conditions concludes that this is not unquestionably the case. Throughout the line of analysis developed, important implications for the present role of philosophical discourses are drawn.