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Philosophy of Management

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2005

Marx, Marxism and Global Management

Nesta Devine
Pages 89-95

Is Analytic Marxism Possible? A ‘Socialist’ Interpretation of Public Choice Theory

Much management literature depends on the philosophical writings of F A Hayek and James M Buchanan. As such it is recognisably not Marxist but is in fact antithetical to Marxism. But there is a small, significant body of literature which attempts to recruit the ideas of writers in the field of ‘Public Choice’ (pre-eminently Buchanan) to the service of updated Marxist thinking about management. In this paper I argue that this endeavour, although it illustrates the common origins of neoliberalism and Marxism, cannot succeed without doing violence to the original and perhaps fundamental concepts of Marxist thought.

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