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Philosophy of Management

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2004

Professionalism, Passion and Doubt

Sheelagh O'Reilly
Pages 45-52
DOI: 10.5840/pom20044221

Global Management Integrity - A Missing Link in the Development Industry? A Manager's Philosophical Diary-Part 6

'Take care of the means and the ends will take care of themselves' By the time you are reading this instalment I will have been in my new position as Team Leader for a Community Conservation Project for more than one year. Why I left my previous position will perhaps become clear in this instalment. I may be unsuited to working in institutions that in theory value knowledge and analysis, but in practice become increasingly uncomfortable when the critical analysis is turned inwards. I find I am not alone; witness the prominent case of the response of the World Bank to criticisms from their own former Chief Economist, the Nobel Economics laureate Joseph Stiglitz. His criticism of the International Financial Institutions after years of working with them could not be dismissed as the work of an uninformed outsider and were therefore treated with the disdain due to some one who had 'jumped ship'.

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