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Philosophy Today

Volume 65, Issue 3, Summer 2021

Special Topic: Technology and Society

Valeria Campos Salvaterra
Pages 637-653

Notes on Incorporation and Hospitality in Jacques Derrida’s Unpublished Seminar Manger l’autre (1989–1990)

The aim of this article is to show how, through Derrida, the concept of unconditional hospitality can be understood through a logic of the parasite. In a supplementary chain that leads to the figure of the parasite, I first knot two main concepts: hospitality and unconditionality. Then I explore the knotting itself through two theoretical articulations discussed by Derrida in many of his text on the work of mourning and the altered constitution of ipseity. Finally, I will arrive at the unpublished seminar Manger l’autre (1989-1990) to focus on the “eating trope” of hospitality. Since para-sitos only means eating-with, the parasite is not a priori a negative notion, but rather suggests a trespassing of frontiers. All the above articulations finally lead me to propose a reading of these topics through a notion of incorporation.

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