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Philosophy Today

Volume 64, Issue 1, Winter 2020

Marxism and New Materialism

Dominik Finkelde
Pages 117-136

Anamorphosis and Subjectivity in the Space of Reasons
On the Diffraction Laws of Consciousness and Reality in Hegel and Lacan

Jacques Lacan comments repeatedly on anamorphic art as it exemplifies for him how the mind from a certain angle perceives through law-like patterns the world that would otherwise be nothing but a chaos of arbitrary multiplicities. The angle, though, has a certain effect on what is perceived; an effect that, as such, cannot be perceived within the realm of experience. The article tries to make the link between diffraction laws of perception more explicit in the subject-object dichotomy and refers for that purpose to the work of both Hegel and Lacan. A reference to Hegel is necessary, as Hegel was not only one of Lacan’s own most important sources of insights, but the author who first focused on justified true belief through a theory of a missed encounter between truth and knowledge.

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