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Philosophy Today

Volume 63, Issue 3, Summer 2019

The Work of Simondon

Natalia Ortiz Maldonado, Gonzalo S. Aguirre
Pages 601-610
DOI: 10.5840/philtoday20191030283

The Birth of Techno-Logos
The Writing of Simondon as a Techno-Aesthetic Object

We propose to approach Simondon’s writing as a techno-aesthetic object, as a singular prose of thought. To do so requires assuming Simondon’s technological proposal as the creation of a new mode of knowledge about the technicality of objects, abandoning the idea that the word “technology” can serve to designate a given state of things. This proposal, cultural and educational at the same time, requires a new way of approaching the world, starting with the way we approach reading. The techno-aesthetics of Simondon’s writing also requires a techno-aesthetic reading.

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