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Philosophy and Theology

Volume 22, Issue 1/2, 2010

Mark F. Fischer
Pages 389-404

Rahner’s “New Christology” in Foundations of Christian Faith

Christologie: Systematisch und exegetisch was published in 1972 by Karl Rahner and Wilhelm Thüsing. When in 1980 the translation appeared as A New Christology, it did not include Rahner’s five chapters from the 1972 volume, but inserted three essays by Rahner whose German originals were unidentified. The present essay identifies the source of the three chapters. It also reveals that Rahner’s original five chapters were published a second time in the 1976 Grundkurs des Glaubens, although in a different form, and in 1978 were accurately translated in the sixth chapter of Foundations of Christian Faith. The present essay concludes by tracing the genesis of Rahner’s transcendental Christology from its 1969 origins to its 1972 publication to its 1978 translation.

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