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Philosophical Studies

Annual Journal of The Philosophical Society, St. Patrick's College, Ireland, 1951-1992

Dermot Moran, Editor

Philosophical Studies was the annual journal of The Philosophical Society at St. Patrick's College in Maynooth, Ireland. Its aim was the development and diffusion of the Catholic philosophical tradition by way of exact analysis of contemporary philosophical problems. It published academic articles, book reviews, and critical notices containing a broad range of material on the history of philosophy, as well as reviews of on-going philosophical work in several countries. The journal was supported by the National University of Ireland. Established in 1951, Philosophical Studies ceased publication in 1992.

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    • "We have come to expect of Philosophical Studies the critical standards that will enable it to claim its place in the international field of philosophical reviews." — The Furrow, 1960

    • "The latest volume of this yearly review ... has some weighty articles and a fine collection of book reviews" — The Times Literary Supplement, 1962

    · ISSN 0554-0739 (print) · Annual · Print copies no longer available ·
    · ISSN 2153-8379 (online) · Online access includes volume 1-33 (1951-1992) ·

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