Volume 11, 2011

Christos Terezis
Pages 98-108

Interpretation and Its Patristic Application Study Case
Basil’s of Caesareia To Young Men, on How They Might Derive Profit from Pagan Literature

It is true that the issue of interpretation constitutes one of the central cores from which the religious teaching procedure gains its reliability not only in reference to its starting points and preconditions, but also to its methodological procedure and the purposes it wishes to fulfil. This study aims to critically examine and address basic fundamental key-aspects on the relationship between the interpretation of religious texts and religious education from the eastern orthodox Christian point of view: 1) First aspect: Interpretation and religious instruction. 2) Second aspect: The elements of emotional and physical involvement in the process of the interpretation of religious texts. 3) Third Aspect: The main stages of interpretation. 4) Fourth Aspect:. The elements of religious instruction. 5) Fifth Aspect: The allegorical interpretative approach in the process of religious instruction.