Volume 8, 2008

Václav Ježek
Pages 354-361

Can Christian Unity be Attained?
Reflections on Church Unity from the Orthodox Perspective

This paper offers some reflections on the nature of ecclesial unity. We believe, that often concepts of unity stemming from secular humanism influence notions of ecclesial unity, which has a negative effect on theological development. We operate in the framework of orthodox theology and ecclesiology and attempt to offer some avenues for a more constructive discussion of ecclesial unity, which would ultimately find its reflection in the nature of the church as such. We argue, that visible unity is the goal of every christian, but this visible unity has to be seen in the context of an invisible unity of the church centred on Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Further, that the church should be seen primarily as a living organism, which is comprised by persons and the struggle for unity is at the same time a struggle for personhood.