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Volume 7, 2007

Сергей В. Роганов
Pages 104-114

Смерть и предел человека в современной культуре

Not so long ago phenomenon of death was fundamental dimension of human being for continental philosophy. After Second World War postmodern culture deconstructed the “Subject” and the Age of Enlightenment’s values and the phenomenon of death also. It turned into the language game, metaphor, in other words, moved into the space of texts and linguistic. Now people in developed societies behave as if death does not exist. The main hidden barrier to the investigation of human mortal nature – “shame of death” (F. Aries). People shame of aging and therefore death and avoid them. In the modern world there is a domination of technological immortality’s logic, i.e. aging/death is considered as a fatal mistake of Nature, which may be and must be corrected. Collapse of the Soviet communist system was the accomplished logic of immortality of limit-less man, who encountered inevitability of absolute historical and cultural limit. Unfortunately, phenomenon of death of the Soviet and post-Soviet person remained without serious attention of both Russian and West culture. However, from my point of view, logic of Soviet “mangod”, Soviet ideology and empire’s collapse hold answers on most cardinal issues of modern period of world history. The matter is not the returning to the religious values, but next step to the image of mortal being and, therefore, to the mortal human being, who is aware and demand human limits in practice.