Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy

Volume 26, Issue 52, November 2018

Filosofia e Medicina sobre Dor e Sofrimento

Maria Carmen Segura Peraita
Pages 141-158

La Respuesta al Problema del No-Ser en La Metafísica de Aristóteles

The aim of this research is to propose a reading of Aristotle’s Metaphysics understood as an answer to the problem of non-being. This orientation will reveal the validity of the Aristotelian ontological approaches for the present, because today also the movement, the difference, the inidentity and the time constitute fundamental philosophical problems. We know that Aristotle displayed his ontology in dialogue and discussion with his predecessors. In this paper, I point out certain aspects of this debate to the extent that they contribute to highlighting those topics of the first philosophy that constitute a solution to the problem of non-being.