Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy

Volume 26, Issue 52, November 2018

Filosofia e Medicina sobre Dor e Sofrimento

Paulo Borges
Pages 71-88

Redescobrir a Saúde que Nunca se Perdeu
Doença, Sofrimento e Cura no Budismo

We present the Buddhist view of the origin of disease and suffering in the ignorance of the basic health or sanity of being and awareness, as well as the way to recognize and reintegrate it, which is the healing process. We question what is commonly thought about the place of suffering in Buddhism, based on the aspects of the Buddhist view and experience that most contrast with the dominant perception of what reality and human life are. It’s only by not camouflaging them that one can understand the specificity of the Buddha’s path and the proposals for healing and transcending disease and suffering it offers.