Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy

Volume 20, Issue 40, November 2012

Ética Animal e Ética Ambiental

Paulo Borges
Pages 25-40

Quem é o Meu Próximo? Senciência, Empatia e Ilimitação

This paper aims to rethink the traditional understanding of the two commandments formulated by Christ - to love God and our neighbour as ourselves -, by rethinking the category of neighbour, not just as those who belongs to the human species, but as all those to whom we can feel close, depending on the degree of empathy conceming not just sentient beings, but even all forms of life and existence. Rethinking also God not as the supreme being, but (according to the etymology) as the light of the full awareness of life itself, we propose that to live wholeheartedly the two commandments implies to die and resurrect as being everything in all and all things.