Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy

Volume 19, Issue 37, April 2011


Alessandra Silveira, José Gomes André
Pages 217-240

«Razao e Liberdade. A Filosofia Politica de James Madison» Arguicao e Resposta

This paper includes the exam of a Ph.D thesis about James Madison’s political philosophy, as well as the answers presented by the candidate to several criticai observations. Various themes are considered, though always surrounding Madison’s work: the peculiar characteristics of his federalism, the relationship between the idea of human nature and the elaboration of political models, the political and constitutional controversies that Madison entangled with several figures from its time (namely Alexander Hamilton), the problem of “judicial review” and the place of “constitutionality control” taken from a reflexive and institutional point of view, and other similar themes.