Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy

Volume 19, Issue 37, April 2011


Manuel João Pires
Pages 153-176

O Que Queremos Ser Quando Crescermos?
Diálogos Imaginários com um Trans-Humanista

Through an imaginary dialogue with a defender of the transhumanism - whose most significant representative is the philosopher Nick Bostrom - this paper aims to critically evaluate the ethical legitimacy of becoming a posthuman when we grow up. After a characterization of the transhumanist project and a definition of posthuman condition, the axiological reasons that underlie the desire to become a posthuman are examined. In a second moment it will be discussed the issue of whether we should want to be a posthuman when we grow up. A comparison is carried out between the relative strength of the arguments for the legitimacy of the transhumanist project and the possible objections, which are mainly based in an appeal to the idea of human nature, that are usually produced by the critics of transhumanism, such as Francis Fukuyama. Finally, the real possibilities of becoming a post human are outlined and, considering the uncertainty about the future and the difference between what can and what should be done, we are asked to really think about what we want to be.