Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy

Volume 17, Issue 34, November 2009

Anselmo solo ratione 900 anos depois

Paulo Martines
Pages 37-56

A Racionalidade da Fé no Proslogion de Santo Anselmo

It can be said that the Proslogion is a meditation on the being of God, which is carried out by a spirit that seeks to understand what it initially believes. Its conceptual articulation is commanded by the presence of the unique argument, which, at the moment it recognizes the existence of God, it points the way by which the creature can conceive something appropriate about Him. The Proslogion will offer us a path to think over the sense of searching for “reasons” in the exclusive domains of faith, the effort of the human word to find that which was said before by someone else. The objective of this paper is to consider the sense of this rationality, the roles it performs inside the intelligence of faith. In the first part, I indicate the constitution of the Proslogion, as a waming (excitatio), a proof (probatio) and the final gladness (gaudium) hoped by man. In the second part, I indicate the debate regarding the human cogitatio, formulated in the Graunilo’s review to the argument and the consequent Anselm’s reply.