Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy

Volume 12, Issue 23, April 2004

W. R. Daros
Pages 27-51

Una Educación para un Futuro Mejor en la Concepción de Richard Rorty

R. Rorty's Posmodern philosophy has its own bases and consequences. One of this consequences is found in the interpretation of education's fact. Truth is changed by a pragmatic way of thinking. Conscience is no more the typical center of a person. The practice way of doing is now the very important thing, without expecting any help from any transcendent Being. Education becomes a social problem and truth is a not real problem and not even a logical justification is required. The distintion between Literature and Philosophy is abolished and the idea of a general text wholly framed is arised. The desconstruction's method is then applied to the text, where the true interpretation is irrelevant.