Cover of Philo: A Journal of Philosophy

Philo: A Journal of Philosophy

Published by the Center for Inquiry, 1998-2014

David Koepsell, Executive Editor

Philo was a peer-reviewed journal that published original, conceptually precise, and argumentatively rigorous articles in all fields of philosophy. Although not devoted to any specific branch of philosophy, it examined philosophical issues from an explicitly naturalist perspective, but also also welcomed work on the philosophical credentials of both naturalism and various supernaturalist alternatives to naturalism. This included work classified as philosophy of religion, as well as other work that directly or indirectly defended or challenged naturalism. Published at the Center for Inquiry, the journal has ceased publication.

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  • Contributors include Randall Auxier, Paul Churchland, Paul Draper, Adolf Grünbaum, Dale Jacquette, Kai Nielsen, Alvin Plantinga, Philip Quinn, Quentin Smith, and Peter van Inwagen.

    · ISSN 1098-3570 (print) · Biannual (ceased publication) · Published by the Center for Inquiry ·
    · ISSN 2154-1639 (online) · Online archive includes all issues, volumes 1-17 (1998-2014) ·

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