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Philosophy in Context

Essays on Topics of Current Interest, 1972-1990

Joseph DeMarco, Samuel Richmond, and Richard Fox, Editors

Philosophy in Context was a peer-reviewed journal published by the Department of Philosophy at Cleveland State University. It was established to make good philosophical work more accessible to students and non-professionals. The editors recognized that most philosophical work is written for other philosophers, not for the students that professional philosophers most frequently address. This journal was an experiment in teaching, publishing original essays on topics of current interest for philosophy students and scholars in other disciplines.

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  • Contributors included Hugo Adam Bedau, Thomas Donaldson, Jane Duran, Paul Feyerabend, Charles Hartshorne, Joseph Margolis, William McBride, Lisa Newton, Nicholas Rescher, Thomas Szasz, and Iris Marion Young.

    · ISSN 0742-2733 (print) · Annual · Print copies no longer available ·
    · ISSN 2373-2784 (online) · Access includes all issues, vol.1-20 (1972-1990) ·

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