Phenomenology 2010

Volume 3, 2011

Selected Essays from the Euro-Mediterranean Area

Francisco Conde Soto
Pages 115-126

Fenomenología del deseo y de la mirada en el psicoanálisis de Jacques Lacan
una aproximación diferente a la de la intencionalidad husserliana

Without developing Husserl’s notion of intentionality, this paper tries to explain Jacques Lacan’s analysis of anguish (Séminaire X, L’angoisse, 1962-63) and regard (Séminaire, XI, Les quatre concepts fondamentaux de la psychanalyse, 1964), which is based on his notion of a peculiar object (object-cause of desire, object small a), that lies always outside the field of representation. We find it is interesting for phenomenology to pay attention to a different possible approach to consciousness, even if psychoanalysis follows a slightly different orientation.