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Phenomenology 2010

Volume 1, 2010

Selected Essays from Asia and Pacific

Lui Ping-keung
Pages 389-407

Man and God

This paper follows Eric Voegelin’s discussion on Gnosticism, politics and science. Gnosticism is ancient, but survives well into the modern age. Marx and Heidegger are among the modern gnostics who are determined to deny or ignore the existence of God, that is, an existence beyond what mankind can plausibly know. The political result, in the case of Marxism, has been known to be disastrous. A philosophic remedy is for man to recognize an order of being in which God is given a foothold, that is, to accept an ontology that is different from Marx’s and Heidegger’s in a fundamental way. The author suggests that while most if not all social theories remain gnostic such ontology befits theoretical sociology.

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