Phenomenology 2005

Volume 5, Issue Part 2, 2007

Selected Essays from North America Part 2

Dennis E. Skocz
Pages 563-592

Husserlian Variations on Nature, Environment, and Earth
Toward a “Green” Phenomenology

Many have looked to Heidegger’s philosophy as a resource for addressing environmental issues philosophically. It may seem strange to many to suggest that Heidegger’s mentor and the father of phenomenology, Edmund Husserl, may offer a rich and fruitful philosophical language and grammar for reflecting on the natural environmental. In many ways, Husserl seems the antithesis of a “green.” Th e essay examines what Husserl has said about nature, the environment (Umwelt), and the earth. It endeavors to suggest how Husserl’s explications of each can contribute to an environmental theory and practice that is both “green” and pluralistic.