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Phenomenology 2005

Volume 3, Issue Part 2, 2007

Selected Essays from Euro-Mediterranean Area Part 2

Laurent Perreau
Pages 453-477

De la phénoménologie à l’ethnométhodologie
variétés d’ontologie sociale chez Husserl, Schütz et Garfinkel

This article tries to distinguish several types of “social ontology,” i.e., several types of answers to the question of the essence of social reality. As phenomenology and the social sciences are both concerned with this problem, it seems interesting to follow the historical sequence that links Husserl’s transcendental phenomenology, Schutz’s theory of the lifeworld, and Garfinkel’s ethnomethodology. These theories help to identify or to illustrate tree types of social ontology: philosophical ontology, common and ordinary knowledge ontology, and sociological ontology.

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