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Phenomenology 2005

Volume 3, Issue Part 1, 2007

Selected Essays from Euro-Mediterranean Area Part 1

Valentina Gueorguieva
Pages 227-250

Phenomenology on the Verge
Alfred Schütz’s Phenomenology of Common-Sense World

The essay explores the thought of Alfred Schutz with regard to his position on Husserlian transcendentalism. Comparing the “paradox of communication” formulated by Schutz in 1945 with Husserl’s treatment of the life-world in §34 of the Crisis, it arrives at the question of practicing the phenomenological method (the reduction) in the field of the social sciences. As this problem pushes the phenomenological paradigm to its limits, Schutz is seen as a borderline figure between the paradigm of perception and the paradigm of action. Th e transition is illustrated in the example of his idea of “stock of knowledge.”

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