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Phenomenology 2005

Volume 2, Issue Part 2, 2007

Selected Essays from Latin America Part 2

María Lucrecia Rovaletti
Pages 511-525

The Constitution of the Object in Phobic Experience

Phobia constitutes an anguishing fear, unrestrained by the presence of an object, a situation or a person that do not have an objectively dangerous character. Rather than interpreting the choice of something as a phobic-like object as psychoanalysis does, phenomenology sets aside all theories and tries to reach the structure of the ego so as to point out the dimension of existence there. Anguish permeates existence and exposes it to a threat that alters the relationship with the world, i.e., a world that one believes potentially hostile, does not let one live in a banal way, and leads one to the lack of mundane aspect.

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