Phenomenology 2005

Volume 2, Issue Part 1, 2007

Selected Essays from Latin America Part 1

Andre de Macedo Duarte
Pages 151-186

Becoming Other
Heidegger and the Trace of a Post-Metaphysical Ethics

Criticizing traditional interpretations that stress the “existential solipsism” of the resolute Dasein, this essay emphasizes the Heideggerian contribution to the question of otherness in Sein und Zeit. The key to uncover the post-metaphysical ethical dimension of Heidegger’s existential analytic is to be found in the theoretical articulation established between the phenomenological analyses of anguish and the call of conscience. My contention is that resolute Dasein already carries within himself the strange appeal of otherness, which, in turn, is the existential condition for the acknowledgment of the other as other.