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Phenomenology 2005

Volume 2, Issue Part 1, 2007

Selected Essays from Latin America Part 1

Adrian Bertorello
Pages 71-81

Narrative Time of Philosophy
Heidegger’s Long Way Hermeneutics

The purpose of this paper is twofold. On one hand, it attempts to show the narrative aspect of Heidegger’s philosophy from 1919 on to the publication of Sein und Zeit (1927). It leans, as an instrument of analysis, on G. Genette’s narrative theory. The narrative condition of Heidegger’s philosophy can be expressed as a homodiegetic analepsis. On the other hand, the paper attempts to discuss the distinction introduced by Ricoeur between a short way for hermeneutics (Heidegger’s way) and a long way (Ricoeur’s).

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