Phenomenology 2005

Volume 1, Issue Part 2, 2007

Selected Essays from Asia Part 2

Chung-Chi Yu
Pages 757-766

On Schutz’s Way of Doing Phenomenology
The Phenomenological Psychology of Husserl as a Clue

Schutz read Husserl and used the latter’s concepts to deal with problems that concerned him. In this essay the questions are raised of how his phenomenology is to be characterized and what is his position in the phenomenological movement? One interpretation views the Schutzian position as contrasting with that of Husserl, while another holds the mundane phenomenology may have nothing to do with Husserl and can only founded on social interaction. According to the second point of view Schutz has more enterprising philosophical anthropology than a phenomenology. Dissatisfied with both directions I turn to Husserl’s phenomenological psychology as a clue to deal with this problem.