Phenomenology 2005

Volume 1, Issue Part 2, 2007

Selected Essays from Asia Part 2

Sung Tae Lee
Pages 463-475

The Geophilosophy of WATSUJI Tetsuro and Cultural Plurality

Put in the perspective of diff erences and identities, culture matters for any attempts to seek ways to “live together, equal yet different” in the age of globalization. WATSUJI Tetsuro, decades ago, had a kin image of globalization when he understands that the “International transportation has become remarkably easier” and, as a result, “all kinds of culture are mutually blending dyeing, echoing.” This essay is an attempt to approach the question of culture in the age of globalization focusing on how WATSUJI interpreted cultural “blending, dyeing, echoing” and what his or his Japanese contemporaries’ responses to the Westernization meant or still mean to Asian Others.