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Journal for Peace and Justice Studies

Volume 30, Issue 1/2, 2021

Mehmet Yavuz, Sean Byrne
Pages 102-125

Violence Against the Queer Community in Turkey
Implications for Peacebuilding and Social Justice

There is little attempt by the Turkish government to end violence directed against queer people or to provide intervention and prevention services. This article explores the social and legal traditions that the Turkish state maintains to oppress the queer community and to prevent people from accessing their basic human needs. In order to understand violence orchestrated against Turkey’s queer people, it is important to explore some of the threats they face on an everyday basis. These threats include unemployment, harassment, discrimination, disowning/honor killings, denial of freedom of expression and freedom of association, and death. Finally, we explore the Gezi Park nonviolent protests as well as providing some important social change recommendations that Turkey must implement with international solidarity.