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Journal for Peace and Justice Studies

Volume 29, Issue 2, 2019

David KwonOrcid-ID
Pages 3-24

Human Security
Revisiting Michael Schuck’s Augustinian and Kenneth Himes’s Thomistic Approaches to Jus Post Bellum

There is a growing discussion of the idea of jus post bellum (jpb) and what it means as an addition to just war thinking. This essay connects jpb to the thought of Augustine and Aquinas, so that jpb appears as integral in that tradition. To make this case, I argue that achieving jpb is key to building a just peace, of which the fundamental characteristic must be human security, and thus defines two approaches to the study of human security that emerges from the theological development of jpb ethics: Michael Schuck’s Augustinian and Kenneth Himes’s Thomistic jpb conceptions. I argue that they both emphasize the importance of human security, as shown by their arguments for building humanitarian norms post bellum, but have different aims and jpb moral implications.