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Journal for Peace and Justice Studies

Volume 28, Issue 1, 2018

Michele Lemonius, Leisha Strachan
Pages 40-64
DOI: 10.5840/peacejustice20182812

Critical reflection on the development of the GIFT Project and examination of Project SCORE partnership using RE-AIM

This article examines the development of the GIFT project as a grassroots peacebuilding model that aims to create safe spaces in which girls can explore creative ways to recognize and build healthy relationships. In addition, GIFT provides a place to foster positive youth development through mentors who can influence the social and political landscape within their immediate communities in Jamaica. In exploring the planning and intervention process, this article critically reflects on the formation of the partnership between the GIFT Project and Project SCORE. Further, using the RE-AIM framework this article examines the reach and efficacy of the GIFT-Project SCORE initial training workshop. The Re-AIM framework seeks to ensure a holistic intervention process and is best reviewed throughout the planning and implementation of the project. Hence, this article hopes to impart the experiences of the first training workshop and next steps in the direction of the project.