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Journal for Peace and Justice Studies

Volume 20, Issue 2, 2010

Peacebuilding in Africa

Joseph Healey
Pages 43-60

How Small Christian Communities Promote Reconciliation, Justice and Peace in Eastern Africa

Today there are over 90,000 Small Christian Communities (SCCs) in the eight AMECEA countries in Eastern Africa. Kenya alone has over 35,000 SCCs. Increasingly SCCs are promoting reconciliation, justice and peace, the three main themes of 2009 Second African Synod. This essay treats the following headings: “Tracking the Historical Shifts of SCCs,” “SCCs’ Increasing Involvement in Justice and Peace Issues,” “Case Study of SCC Involvement in the Kenya Lenten Campaigns 2009 and 2010,” “Involving Youth in Small Christian Communities,” “SCCs Using the Internet Especially Facebook” and “SCCs as Facilitators of Reconciliation, Justice and Peace in Africa.” One major change is the increasing use of a Pastoral Theological Reflection Process such as the “Pastoral Circle” (the well-known “See, Judge and Act” methodology starting from concrete experience) to help SCCs to go deeper. Now more and more SCCs in Africa are reflecting pastorally and theologically on their experiences, often using the tools of social analysis.