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Journal for Peace and Justice Studies

Volume 20, Issue 1, 2010

Gary Chamberlain
Pages 30-45

Sustainability and Water
A New Water Ethos

In this paper the author examines a new water ethos focused on sustainability within the parameters of a deep, green Christianity. The discussion begins with a brief outline of the problems facing water due to unsustainable practices and policies. At present paces the peoples, creatures, plants, and minerals of the world are at great risk of losing the nourishment of water needed to survive. The second portion begins with an overview of the complex values toward nature in the Christian tradition. The author then develops three approaches for a new water ethos to guide decisions around sustainability and water. In the third approach of deep, green Christianity, the theological basis for a water ethos involves new understandings of Holy Spirit in relation to nature. Finally the author offers a revision of Catholic Social Teachings to serve as an ethical framework for sustainability of the environment and water.

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