About the Directory

The International Directory of Philosophy is an online database containing information on university philosophy departments and programs, societies, professional associations, research centers, journals, and philosophy publishers in over 130 countries. The database also includes contact information for over 29,000 philosophers. All listings are free. Current content and features include:

  • 2,900 university departments / programs
  • 1,100 philosophical journals
  • 420 societies / associations
  • 350 research centers / institutes
  • 700 philosophy publishers
  • online update option
  • search by name, category, title
  • search philosophers by specialty
  • location search by country / city
  • location search by state / province (US & Canada)
  • location results includes map display
  • metasearch of fulltext E-Collection and Philosophy Research Index
  • contact information integrated with author names in E-Collection
  • limited FREE search
  • Outlines of complete listings in each category are provided in the Submissions Guidelines.

    The metasearch allows Directory users to search the content of all documents in our fulltext E-Collection and all bibliographic listings in our Philosophy Research Index.

    The development of this database was made possible by our work on multiple editions of the Directory of American Philosophers and the International Directory of Philosophy and Philosophers. The research and editorial office for those publications supports this resource.