Translational Hermeneutics


Translational Hermeneutics

Larisa Cercel, Radegundis Stolze, John Stanley
Pages 17-40

Hermeneutics as a Research Paradigm

The historical overview covering Schleiermacher and the disciplinary status of translational hermeneutics was written by Cercel, the sections on important concepts and research within the paradigm of translational hermeneutics was authored by Stolze, and Stanley wrote the last three sections dealing with language games, a concrete research project and the role of phenomenology in research. The text was geared towards providing some background information on translational hermeneutics, a field which has bearing not only on the practice of translation but also on research in TS. From the vantage point of translational hermeneutics, research in translation studies takes its point of departure from the translator’s perspective: The guiding question is one centered on how a translator deals with the texts he or she has to translate.

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