Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 69, 2018

Political Philosophy

Valery Solodky
Pages 571-576

Проективная рационализация как альтернатива радикализации политического взаимодействия

The most important causes of radicalisation of the political interactions are the alienation of power and political influence, the marginalization of the political subjects, aggravation of the problems of the legitimacy of power through the use of inadequate mechanisms of legitimisation, a certain irrationalization of policy. A significant part of people is eliminated from the political processes. Political parties do not give possibilities to influence the policy to any potential out-of-power political entities and they do not serve as the means of involvement into the politics of the future. The authority does not often fulfill political functions of the power within the society. It does not guide significant for the development social processes and in this sense it appears to be marginal as well as the political parties. The policy is deprived of the essence which is related to the conditions and forms of reproduction and development of the society and human being. The problem of legitimacy is often being solved inadequately when legitimation is based on a traditional or charismatic type. For the rationalization of the policy the following is required: social dereification, restructuring of the society and of the political field itself. New groups of interests, directions and ways of realization of these interests and possibilities of its conformance in management and the associated social design should be identified and completed with regard to social development. In the communication with regard to such projecting, in the process of specification of such projects «places» and «roles» in the social and political space can be created.

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