Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 1, 2018

Aesthetics and Philosophies of Art

Adil Asadov
Pages 21-24

Manifestation of Realized and Unrealized Essence
Beauty and Ugliness

The world becomes beautiful when it is built in accordance with its essence. A human becomes fascinating when he leads a life arisen from his human essence. Human beauty is the result of realization of the essence and the direct expression of a true life, of leading a real life. Life becomes truly real and meaningful only, when it is a process of realization of the essence. The only architect of human beauty is a real and, thus, happy life. A man becomes happy when he elevates his reality to the ideals created by the true human desires. Happiness is a self-confirmation expressed by the realization of the ideals. Life becomes happy when it is perceived with joy as it is true and real. As happiness is a sense of perceiving life with joy, feeling of life’s beauty, while beauty is materialization, an objective expression and an embodiment of a life that is happy and perceived with joy as well. A happy man, as if he doesn’t walk, but dances, doesn’t speak, but recites a poem, doesn’t live in this ordinary and banal world, but instead he lives in a celestial fairytale world. The aesthetics of behavior is much more the result of making life true and real than memorizing a behavioral etiquette.

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