Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 44, 2008

Philosophy of Nature

Valeriy P. Tsaplin
Pages 129-137

Зрение как эволюционный процесс и его противоречивость

Eyesight is practically a main organ of senses for man orienting in the world. But it is also a result of evolutional development of nature from 600 to 450 mln. years according to evolutional scale and still it preserves its stable contradictory inner structure. The genesis of eyesight has been reconstructed in Arthropoda type. It was made possible by using a philosophical approach, namely, by considering this process from the dualism point of view. Two Laurence's concepts were used as basic interrelated categories. They are intranspecific and interspecific aggressiveness. Development of the two interrelated opposites results in the formation of a new kind – eyesight (Hegelian not Marx’s), typical for all succeeding kinds of animals. The eye has become a unity consisting of on- and off-type ganglionic cells, that percept both fixed end non-fixed objects simultaneously. The two eyes of higher animals and man allow to orient in the world, and depending on outside conditions, they can fully enough demonstrate one of the stable contradictory inner tendencies. This is just one of the directions in studying philosophy of nature.

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