Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 4, 2008

Approaches to Philosophy

С. Н. Некрасов
Pages 125-132

Кризис философии в современном мире
конец постиндустриальной глобализации

The last crash of the «kingdom of rationality» organized by postindustrialist globalization in the end of XX century is in reality a deadline of human prehistory. The mechanical thought told us about the prohibition of scientific research in such fields as artificial intellect with an appeal to war against science. From one side of left mondialism in style «West against the rest» we see a pseudophilosophical avantgardist idea of thousands truths, deconstruction, tolerance with the rhetorique of struggle against terrorism. From second side in the spirit of wright avtarkism a la «The rest against the West» postulates the global evel and the development of planet to a neofeudal state. It is necessary to point out ten questions to philosophers. Only ten questions to philosophers world community. The positive answer will turn philosophy to social reality and will define the degree of decline of world philosophy in the end of postindustrialist globalization.

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