The Paideia Archive: Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 18, 1998

Philosophy and Children

Irene de Puig, Angélica Sátiro
Pages 7-11

Filoso a Entre el Parvulario y la Primaria (De 5 a 7 años)

Philosophy and Narrative’ is a program designed for five to seven-year-old children. It is intended to exercise basic intellectual skills in a dialogic way, as does the ‘Philosophy for Children’ curriculum. Using The Jolly Postman, a stimulating tale by the English authors A. and J. Ahlberg, as a basis, de Puig has prepared a manual entitled Cuentos para pensar (Tales for Thinking) which comprises a series of resources ordered and adapted to the text and the needs of the curriculum for this age range. This sequentially ordered manual includes a number of popular tales as well as exercises and activities that engage various cognitive skills such as reasoning, research, translation and conceptualization. So far, our classroom experience with these materials has been highly satisfactory. Teachers and children enjoy working with them, creating many activities and engaging in new experiences.

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