Der 16. Weltkongress für Philosophie

Volume 3, 1983

Sektions-Vorträge II - Résumés des sections II - Section Papers II

V. Sokolov
Pages 541-544

Subject Psychological, Subject Philosophical and Subject Gnoseological

By the term "subject" an exponent of activity which on the human level becomes a bearer of consciousness and then self-consciousness is unremined. The notions of "suvject" and "object" are maximum generalizations, expressive man's cognitive attitude towards the world. Human consciousness does not merely reflect the world, but creates it too. Reflexion is a necessary precondition of creativity. Both structurally and evolutionary it connects human consciousness with prehistory of his. This regularity is being considered through the three mai senses of the term “subject" as formulated in the title.

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