Teaching Philosophy

Volume 40, Issue 2, June 2017

Melissa Jacquart, Jessey Wright
Pages 123-160

Teaching Philosophy Graduate Students about Effective Teaching

The problem of inadequate professional training for graduate students in teaching and pedagogy has recently come into sharp relief. Providing teacher training for philosophy graduate students through for-credit courses has been recommended as a solution to this problem. This paper provides an overview of the problem, identifies several aims such a course should have, and provides a detailed overview of a course satisfying those aims. By providing a detailed outline of the course, this paper can act as a resource for faculty tasked with teaching such a course. Finally, we justify the pedagogical decisions made in the design of this course to prepare facilitators to more effectively teach it, to allow facilitators to make informed and intentional decisions when adapting the course to their program, and as a demonstration of what we take to be some of the best practices in teaching and pedagogy. That is, the design of the course is informed by the very material covered in the course.